VIDEO: Wildlife Park in Australia Has Taken Halloween Decorations a Little Too Far

This zoo is making us very uncomfortable!    

Every Halloween, we’re treated to animal parks worldwide getting in the spooky spirit. Whether it’s a penguin dressing up as a pig at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies or otters going trick-or-treating at the Oregon Zoo, All Hallows’ Eve is a particularly adorable time to ooh and ahh over our favorite furry and feathered friends.

But one zoo has taken Halloween a little too far. Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia decided to forgo cute costumes and opt for a little more gore. With bandaged, severed feet in the crocodile exhibit, dislodged eyeball snacks for the iguanas, and alarmingly lifelike tarantulas in the echidna habitat, we’re worried that park-goers may be more than a little put off.

To be fair, about halfway through the video, they switch to adorable meerkats playing with pumpkins, but then—record scratch—we see a tiger eating a jack-o-lantern filled with raw meat that definitely looks like its straight-up oozing brains. TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH, SYMBIO!

Happy Halloween!

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