Everything Is Horrible, So Please Enjoy 72 Seconds of Blissful '90s Hip-Hop Airport Karaoke

Here it is: your moment of zen.

These days, the world seems so very overflowing with tragedies, it can be hard to conjure feelings of hope or optimism. But we're here to bring you a viral video that cannot actually fix anything — but can at least bring you 72 seconds of real healing joy. 

While his flight was experiencing a delay at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, a passenger grabbed the airline crew's announcement mic and decided to breathe some life into the frustrated masses assembled at the gate. He did that in the form of a karaoke rendition of Blackstreet's (truly brilliant and timeless, if we may) earworm "No Diggity," along with some seriously inspired dance moves. And he got the whole crowd singing along. Watch, enjoy — and just try to get "I like the way you work it..." out of your head for the rest of the day.

The post, shared to the Love What Matters Facebook page, went swiftly viral — and is now nearing 16 million views.

Photo: Mike Vadala/Facebook

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