Wait Till You See What Rihanna Had Male Models Wear at Paris Fashion Week

Anwar Hadid was one of the gents representing RiRi's new Fenty X Puma line.

Paris Fashion Week is a whirl of over-the-top couture and fantastical creations—add Rihanna to the mix, and things get even more out of the ordinary. The pop star staged a fashion show last night to introduce her Spring 2017 line for Fenty X Puma. And though menswear-inspired womenswear is everywhere this season (say that three times fast!), the boys borrowed from the girls here. 

For this maracon-hued collection, RiRi took inspiration from the #badgal of the eighteenth century: The singer explained that she wanted the clothes to look like Marie Antoniette "if she was going to the gym."

What kind of a cardio class, you may ask, would involve men wearing lace in their hair, and giant pearl chokers around their necks?

And, could you see a dude jogging on a treadmill in a lingerie-inspired, netted top? (If you answered yes, please, we feel you.) 

Taking the opulence one step farther, one model wore beribboned footwear and carried a pretty pink fan.

Of course, no buzzy fashion show is complete without a Hadid, and Anwar held down the fort on this one. Yolanda's handsome son wore baggy, olive-green sweats with floral embroidery—and a massive choker threaded with pink satin.

He also wore a backpack festooned with ruffles. Practical or not, this gear looks très, très fun to dress up in—and if everyone wore this to HIIT, we just may show up more often.


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