Wanderlust Over This Video of a Half-Mile-Long Slide Through Swiss Mountains

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Whether it's on a massive cruise ship or along the outside of a skyscraper, around here we love a good death-defying slide. Now, we have one more amazing option to add to our bucket lists.

Oeschinensee is a UNESCO region in in Bern, Switzerland — and it’s beyond beautiful. 

While you can kayak, have a picnic, or rent a boat when you visit… let’s face it, the thing to do is ride the toboggan! This rollercoaster-like mountain attraction has been going viral, and for good reason. It’s not just any slide, but 750 meters of thrills... or about a half a mile. See it for yourself:

The Swiss Mountain coaster, or “rodelpass” as the locals call it, twists and turns through some insanely stunning scenery. Hiking is a also option but seriously, kind of a letdown in comparison.

Relax at Hotel Oeschinensee when you’ve finished riding the best rollercoaster of all time (10 times). The views from the hotel are impressive to say the least. There aren’t a lot of options around here either — but you will find a few more B&B’s. 

While many adventure activities abroad break the bank, this costs a mere 4 Swiss Francs per ride — just about $4 in U.S. dollars. And that's a teeny price to pay for the heart-pumping thrills... not to mention the social media vids.

When you’re done with this adrenaline rush in this part of the world, there are more to try: Check out Gemini Pass for some of the best and most beautiful hiking on the globe. You can take guided tours through the canyons here as well as try hang gliding. Views of the Alps from above? Unbeatable.

You can also go out five kilometers to Blausee, a crystal-clear lake with a restaurant nearby serving up fresh-caught trout. It’s deep in a nature park that has a legend behind it: The deep blue water is the same deep blue as the eyes of a maiden who died here of a broken heart, according to folklore. It’s one of the best-known mountain lakes in the whole country because it’s that unique in color.

A few things to know: It’s only open from June to October because of the ice and snow. You can’t make reservations, so just show up. Arrive easily to Oeschinensee by train from Geneva or Zurich airport. To get there, take the cable car from Kandersteg to Oeschinensee — the last stop. Then wheeeeeee! Off you go.

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