Want More Stamina Between the Sheets? Chew On This, Says One Famous Foodie

"Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and rapture, recommended beets as an aphrodisiac."

Contemplating how to get you and your boo in the right frame of mind on Valentine’s Day? Why not follow the timeless saying that a man’s heart is through his stomach. Best part? You get to chow down too!

Marco Santomauro, who helps choose the menu at Paulaner Brauhaus NYC, which is hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner on Feb. 14, concurs. “In Germany we have a saying which translated means love goes through your stomach,” he says. “You are always feeling better when you have a full tummy, but it’s also what you eat. There are some food items that have some properties that give you a warm feeling, which can help to spark things a little faster.”

He has a few suggestions.

Beets already have a head start over most foods with their deep red color and heart-like shape. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and rapture, recommended beets as an aphrodisiac. Beets also improve your actual heart circulation, which means more stamina between the sheets. “A red beet terrine with goat cheese and poppy seed vinaigrette is the perfect way to start a meal,” Santomauro suggests.

Some say a pomegranate – not the apple -- was the fruit that tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Studies show pomegranates raise levels of testosterone in women and men, which can lead to increased sex drive. “We’re using it over a heart of romaine, seared raw tuna salad with a yogurt dressing topped with pomegranate seeds,” Santomauro says.

Want sex? Eat shrimp!

It has amino acids that increase the levels of hormones, like progesterone, that are associated with greater sexual activity. Eating it with your fingers can be pretty sexy too. Totally vegan? Try a black truffle risotto. “It’s like Viagra in mushroom form,” Santomauro says.

Finish with chocolate. The creamy goodness affects hormones that induce stages of euphoria, upping your sex drive.

There's one downside - if you end up in bed after all this, you may just fall asleep.

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