Was Tom a Good Helper To Luann In Planning Their New Year's Wedding?

The former countess talks about how involved he was. 

Bride-to-be Luann de Lesseps says although her soon to be husband Tom D'Agostino wasn't involved in her dress choice for their New Year's wedding, he took control of some other aspects of the big day.

"No, Tom is not very much involved in the process of the wedding dresses, but he did ask what his Bow Tie should be and the color and so he asked for a little advice. But Tom is very elegant and has his own sense of style…he has a great style," Luann says.

"He actually has left a lot of it up to me. It’s also his birthday and so I want to surprise him and so he’s really helpful. Like, he was helping me pick out stuff for the gift bags for our guests. Tom’s in the printing business so we’re doing a gifting bag for our guests."

Luann says that even though she was the one going on...and on...about marrying Tom, he's excited to walk down the aisle, too.

"He can’t want to get married…and that makes me so happy because he’s s excited about it…and so it’s going to be a big night," she says.

And her children, Victoria and Noel, will be very involved in the ceremony.

"Generally there are children that are the flower girl and the ring bearer, and so I have two," she says. "I have a boy and a girl so even though they are 20 and 22, I thought it would be really sweet for them to be the flower girl and ring bearer. I wanted to include them and I think it’s a very sweet way of doing it.

They’re excited for me to get married. They’re excited to see mommy happy. When mommy’s happy, everybody’s happy."

"They like Tom, we were just all together last night for dinner and so yeah they’re excited to celebrate with us, be a part of it…it’s going to be a big, great celebration."-Reporting by Jocelyn Vena

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