Watch These Stuck-In-Traffic Newlyweds Have Their First Dance On the Highway

Dancing in the headlights kicked off their married life. 

Jeff and Rebecca Payne got over their first hurdle as a married couple—on their wedding night

The couple, who were married in Dayton, Ohio, last weekend, got stuck in a huge traffic jam on the way to their reception. The two, along with their bridal party and everyone else headed to the party were in bumper to bumper traffic for an hour when one driver spotted the bride’s wedding dress and asked them to do their first dance right there on the highway. 

“It was actually some strangers from Kansas,” the couple’s videographer, Levi Curby said. “They noticed the wedding dress and asked what (the newlyweds) would be doing if they weren’t stuck in traffic.”

According to local station WLWT, they loved the idea. 

The new bride and groom got out on U.S. Route 35 and did their first dance then and there. They danced to Alison Krauss’ song “When You Say Nothing At All,” which another motorist found on Spotify. 

The videographer filmed the whole thing. 

“I think there were some tears at first, but no meltdowns,” the photographer had said. “They were two sports. They handled the whole thing so well. They did great. The dance turned it into a party.”

Following their sweet dance, the couple were rescued from the traffic when a friend of the groom’s father pulled up in the opposite lane, so the two hopped over a guardrail and got to the party. 

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