Watch This Dolphin Legit Snatch a Water Park Guest's iPad

Secure your loose items. 

Attention travelers everywhere: Here is your latest reminder to look up from your technology. The consequences of failing to do so range from missing out on in-the-moment experiences… to getting your gadget jacked by a dolphin.

Evidence: Over the weekend at SeaWorld Orlando, a dolphin snatched a theme park visitor’s iPad right out of her hands and took it for a quick dip in the tank.

An amateur video now going viral shows the dolphin swiping the gadget in its pink case, and plunging it briefly into the water before its owner quickly retrieves it. And then the dolphins in the tank proceed to swim around gleefully like they DGAF. Which they don't.

Later in the 55-second video clip, a park employee can be heard reminding visitors to keep their loose items close, because dolphins (obviously) can grab them.

Whether or not dolphins should be in captivity is for another story, but for now, have a small giggle that the person who lost her expensive technology to an embarrassing accident wasn’t you this time.

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