This Elegant Wedding Invitation Accidentally Asks Guests If They're Cannibals

How about a nice Bordeaux with that?

You've put in a gazillion hours (not to mention gobs of money) getting every detail just right for your big day. It's your wedding, after all. You want everything about it to be perfect, elegant and utterly tasteful, right down to that beautiful little card your guests will receive in the mail, asking them to join you on the most important day of your life. You've already planned out the lovely menu, of course, and all you need them to do is rsvp and check off their choice of beef, pork or....

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Boring wedding food? Maybe at some receptions, but not this one! 

Now that one of the guests saw fit to post the graphic-design-challenged invite on Reddit, the unfortunate couple will need to plan for an extra-large wedding reception hall. And judging from the responses from scores of hungry Redditors, they'd better plan for some gluten-free, medium-rare 10-year-olds to pair with the vintage Bordeaux.


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