Koala, Yellow, and Queenie...Welcome To Britain's Most Popular Baby Names In 2017

Koala? Koala come here when mommy is talking to you. 

The most popular British baby names are also likely some of the funniest names you’ll hear this year.

Brit magazine Tatler has put together the most popular tot names heading into 2017, and it starts with Figgy.

Following that is Gethsemane, Czar-Czar, Hum, Koala, Scar, Power and Queenie. OK.

For boys, it gets even more unusual, with Aubyn, Euripides, Fenston, Uxorious, Ormerod, Prince, Quail, Wigbert, Yak and Zebedee topping the list.

Some other names mixed in the bunch are Nancy, Yellow, and Tansy.

The list has been getting some laughs on Twitter, with one commenter asking how Koala made the list.

“We have "unusual" names in the #MiniVanilla team, but Koala? #loveminivanilla #babynames #unusualbabynames,” wrote the woman.

One Tweeter named Andy wrote:

“Hospital maternity wards should have name counselors on staff. Somebody needs to tell these parents NO. #babynames.”

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