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We’re Fighting Over the TV and It’s Making Us Crazy

Couples weigh in on how to solve the problem of who gets the remote control.

The work day is done, or it’s the weekend. What’s the ultimate way to unwind? Maybe some candles, some reading, but the best way to escape is a good television binge-fest. We’ve all done it—kept our pajamas on, ordered in, and watched an entire season of a show over a weekend. Often, this doesn’t involve showering or communicating with the outside world. 

TV shows have become more and more important—because there’s so much good stuff out there. And when you're immersed in a show you love, you want to share that with someone you love. But it's not often the case that couples like the same shows. Living separate lives when it comes to television watching is an all too common problem. Should it even be considered a problem?

Hair guru Louis Licari’s Director of Communications Leigh Cherrier says if she gets in a fight with her partner Chris she uses the TV as the ultimate revenge. “When Chris and I fight I delete all his UFC stuff on the DVR! Then I delete the deleted so he cannot recover!” she laughs. 

Kelly Hermann says she keeps it simple and often lets her husband pick. 

“I usually let Trent pick what he wants, unless it is a horror thing or a food show where they eat bugs and gross things like that,” she says.  “If I'm not interested in what he's watching, I will pick up the computer and get some work done or I'll be cross stitching.”

Some couples lead totally separate TV watching lives, like Laurenne Hamlin, who says her husband won’t watch her shows. 

“I cant even get him to watch Game of Thrones with me because he has lost faith in my ability to watch a good TV show,” she says. “He, on the other hand, would sit and watch South Park for hours if he could. I usually win because i am willing to leave and go to a different room and he just wants to spend time together...but I mean my shows keep me sane so I guess in the words of Teresa from The Real Housewives of New Jersey,‘happy wife happy life.’” 

Editor Gina Bacchiocchi says her boyfriend watches TV in a separate room, because they can’t agree on what shows to watch. “He is more Discovery Channel and MSNBC while I'm all Bravo and E!, she says. 

Mariann Tepedino says her husband isn’t allowed to touch the bedroom remote—it’s her space where she can watch whatever she want.

“I love my bedroom remote, he can't have it and he knows,” she says….adding, “he watches in the basement."

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