We’re Obsessed With This Llama on Permanent Vacation

Say hello to the cutest new travel Instagrammer in the game.

You can wrap up all of the productive work you were just doing in front of your computer, because today we bring you the Instagram account of an adorable traveling llama. Prepare to scroll endlessly while stifling a smile at your desk.

Indeed, a stuffed llama is blissfully enjoying travel all over the world, and its owner is documenting the whole journey on social media — much like any smug traveler does (only with a way cuter result).

Colombian flowers are my new favorite. 🌸 #llamawithnodrama

A photo posted by Llama With No Drama (@llamawithnodrama) on

Account owner Eylul Savas told Mashable the entire point of the whole project is just to give people a smile, along with a dose of wanderlust.

She said, “Overall, the world's drama was the trigger point. Every day, as if trying to deal with our daily struggles is not enough, we're also being exposed to lots of sad news." OK, all true. But why a stuffed llama?

"I chose a llama because people don't know much about them. They are funny looking, fun, and despite the common saying 'drama llama,' they're actually drama-free. They're free spirits and can spit on your face just for nothing, because why not?!” 

We are learning so much already. For instance, "drama llama" is a common saying? The more you know...

Anyway, here's a peek into the llama's recent travels. You're welcome!

Most recently, llama has visited the foggy hills of Cocora Valley, Colombia.

The llama has enjoyed sky-high views from a window seat.


A photo posted by Llama With No Drama (@llamawithnodrama) on

The llama also hit up New York City, but was not impressed with the weather.

Dear New York weather, unfortunately you're not as cute as my pinky ears. And no, I'm not a bus! Obviously. #llamawithnodrama

A photo posted by Llama With No Drama (@llamawithnodrama) on

Those sweet pink ears really pop against a waterfront landscape.

Breathtaking. Period. #llamawithnodrama

A photo posted by Llama With No Drama (@llamawithnodrama) on

Ah, a dreamy beach day on Palm Beach Island.

I want to make a perfume out of pure ocean scent. #llamawithnodrama

A photo posted by Llama With No Drama (@llamawithnodrama) on

Getting meta!

Not sure if these are my ancestors. What do you think?#llamawithnodrama

A photo posted by Llama With No Drama (@llamawithnodrama) on

We're pretty psyched to see where this little cutie will head next. (Spoiler alert: Cape Town and Tokyo are on the list!)


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