Wes Anderson’s New Film Is About an Island of Dogs and the Trailer Will Slay You

Heads up, Wes Anderson and/or dog fans!

If you’re a regular reader of Unleashed, you’re already aware that we are huge movie buffs. We have definitely seen over 50 movies in our lives and can certainly engage in vivid and informed dialogue about all of them.

And one of our favorite directors? Wes Anderson, of course! We really loved The Grand Budapest Hotel—it was just so stunning how truly grand that hotel was, especially for Budapest. And The Royal Tenenbaums? Have you ever seen a more royal portrayal of some people with the last name Tenenbaum? And don’t even get us started on Fantastic Mr. Fox. Calling that fox “fantastic,” well that’s just an understatement. Give yourself a little more credit, Wes! Haha!

So obviously, with us being such huge Wes Anderson fans and such huge dog lovers, we are especially amped for his new canine-focused creation, Isle of Dogs. In fact, we’re so excited about it, we didn’t even have to Google the film synopsis! We already knew that it’s about a boy beginning an odyssey to find his dog. ‘Cause we spend so much time on the Wes Anderson boards.

Anyway, here’s the trailer!

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