Welcome to Westpurrld: Westworld as Reimagined with Cats

Every hero is a cat.

The much-heralded HBO series Westworld is basically the perfect storm of pop culture: Sci-fi! Amusement parks! Robots! Anthony Hopkins! But do you know what crucial arm it’s missing? Cats.

But no longer! Seattle artist Cassie Murphy (who goes by KittyCassandra) has turned all of the Westworld hosts and guests into fastidious little felines in this new print (available for purchase on Etsy).

Westworld not so much your thing? Cassie has cat renderings of all kinds of pop culture staples: Stranger Things became Mangier Things, Parks and Recreation lent itself to Purrs and Recreation, and Broad City begot Paw’d City (our personal fave).

Now excuse us while we impatiently await a rendering of Vanderpurr Rules.

You can keep up with Cassie’s art on her Instagram.

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