We've Found the Perfect Wall Shelf for Every Single Interior Design Style

Keep your stuff and let your vertical curatorial talents shine! 

I love Marie Kondo. Really, I do. Like a lot of people, I sat on the floor in my closet and went through a bag of old shoes I’ve had since high school and pondered intently whether they gave me joy or whether I should discard them. In most cases, I was able to sensibly let go (except for a beloved pair platform clog sandals — I always knew they’d be coming back!). But it was a different story when combing through the random detritus I’ve collected over the years — tchotchkes, mementos, books with pretty covers, scores from the Anthropologie sale bins, family photos and for some reason a number of decorative pineapples. Hoarding this stuff may amount to a monthly payment to Manhattan Mini Storage, but it does give me a spark of joy, just enough not to want to part with it all. So I came up with a solution whereby I can keep my cherished things and forego the storage fees: wall shelves!

Never has there been a design fix that serves so many purposes at once — not only was I able to keep my stuff, but I was able to display it all beautifully, too, and feel ultra organized. Hey, Marie Kondo, here’s an idea for your next book: The Life-Changing Magic of Wall Shelves.

Find your wall shelf style below…

Industrial: Industrial Pipe Wall Shelf


A two-tiered shelf that will shine brightly under your Edison bulbs.



Mod: Dolle Long Cube Floating Wall Shelves - 3 Pack


More of a gin and tonic type? These shelves are glossy and chic, and will nicely accent your mod sofa.



Preppy: Trend Lab Chevron Wall Shelf


Display all your mementos from dear old Gran on this cheerful shelf with classic chevron styling — and there are hooks for your favorite cardigans and Muffy’s leash.



Kid Friendly: Beaumont White Shelving Collection


Tired of washing crayon marks off the walls? Make a vertical activity center with this ingenious shelving system from Land of Nod.



Design-y: Origami Shelves


Or get really creative and plot a whole wall-scape with these mix-and-match origami shelves — finally, you’re doing something with your art degree!



Glam: Adler Glass Wall Ledge


Grown up and, oh, so glamorous. Goes well with sparkly things.



Timeless: Marble Mix & Match Wall Shelf Collection


Marble is always in style — and the selection of brackets are too fab.



Farmhouse: Farmhouse Shelf Set


You may not have a country house upstate, but a girl can dream, right?



Boho: Diamond Inlay Shelf


Earthy with an heirloom look, a nice place to park your plants and Ganesh figurines.



Functional: Cameron Bathroom Shelf


Some people see a basic bathroom shelf. I see a crash pad for my favorite books, photos and candles — and some S-hooks on that bar for hanging hats and scarves.



Traditional: Brick and Barrel Classic 4-Piece Ledge Set


Old fashioned without being fussy, this is a perfect complement to classic lines, crown molding, and the occasional hot toddy.



Nautical: Modern Walnut Wood Floating Wall Shelf


Beachy with a touch of rustic, some serious knot skills went into making this shelf system. My, is it yar.



Aquatic: Shark Wall Cubby


An adorable wall shark for your kid’s endless collection of shark toys. I’ll need about three of these.



Geo: Diamond Cross Planes Shelf


Give a nod to the geometric design trend and make just about anything look good with these shelves.



Scandi: Meiners Wood Wall Shelf


An affordable homage to a Danish design classic, this is a must-have!



Luxe: Gold Leaf Wall Shelf


And they come in a glossy, shiny version, as well, for folks who like a little polish. Your stuff is gonna look good.



Tiki: Double Wall Shelf


You’ve got a thing for Polynesian décor, and that’s OK! I say go all in.



Organic Modernist: Tori Tri-Tier Shelf


A design snob’s dream — the perfect shelving to show off all your fave keepers from MoMA Design.


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