What Was in Marilyn Monroe's Makeup Bag?

She never left home without her lashes.

What was Marilyn Monroe's secret? Well, first, she was Marilyn—but her go-to lashes didn't hurt. Allure just revealed the contents of the icon's makeup drawer, and what's inside is surprisingly simple.

Like the rest of us, Marilyn loved a good curled lash, and she always had a curler on hand—along with a set of Martha Lorraine falsies. (The brand is no longer around, but to find a similar look go for something lustrous and inky black.) She also had a golden comb, Booby pins from a brand called "Scoldy Lox Glamour Guards," lilac "Starry Eyes" eye shadow, and even a braided hair extension. Also on hand: a matchbook from retro New York nightclub The Maisonette, and... ear plugs. (Beauty sleep, people. It's real.)

To be fair, along with unbelievable genes and a shimmery lilac lid, Marilyn had the help of her beloved makeup artist, Allan "Whitey" Snyder. But it's touching to see how simple the star's personal beauty routine seemed to be.

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