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Woman Runs Into Her Ex’s Dog That She Still Loves—And It’s Awkward for Everybody

Raise your hand if you’ve lived through this.

Is there anything worse than a break up? Yes, of course. There’s breaking up with somebody whose friends you loved. There’s breaking up with somebody whose family you loved. And the most awful gut punch of all: Breaking up with somebody whose pet you loved.

When you’re in a serious relationship—especially if you live together—your significant other’s pet becomes your pet. Unless you’re a dirtbag, you likely assume 50% of the responsibilities while reaping 100% more love than you had before. And suddenly it doesn’t matter who the pet belonged to initially because what is an “owner,” really, when the love of a pet is unconditional?!

In this uncomfortably relatable video from Buzzfeed, a woman runs into her ex’s dog, Nathaniel, at a restaurant. She stares down that impossible choice: Ignore a dog that she once loved so deeply, or go over and say hi and try to keep it together without crumbling into a complete mess and babbling about feelings and generally embarrassing the hell out of herself.

We’ll let you guess which she chooses.

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