Can You Guess Which State Has the Cheapest Beer in America?

And which state has the priciest?

When it comes to alcohol, beer is usually the cheapest option available—unless it's $1 shot night at your local bar, of course. But which state in the U.S. has the absolute cheapest beer in the country—the cheapest of the cheap?

Simple Thrifty Living, a website that helps consumers save money, calculated the average price for a case of beer in all 50 states, and found that—surprise!—Michigan has the cheapest beer, at an average of $14.62 for a case. It's followed closely by California, then Illinois and North Carolina.

And which state has the most expensive beer? Turns out it's Pennsylvania, with your average case costing $21.98. Tennessee, Texas, and North Dakota were also high on the list. You'd think beer prices in Hawaii, which obviously needs to import a lot of its goods—including booze—would be at or near the top, but it doesn't even crack the top 10.

Of course, this isn't a comprehensive analysis. Simple Thrifty Living compared prices of cases of Bud Light and Miller Lite across two national chains, Total Wine and Walmart, in both urban and rural areas in every state, then averaged it out, as the Detroit Free Press reports. So if you're worried that you're overpaying for your Stella or Guinness, you'll have to conduct your own highly scientific study—perhaps at a local pub or two.

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