Can You Guess Which Travel Industry Gig Is Among the Most Stressful Jobs of the Year?

It sounds glamorous, but...

No, it's not Instagram-famous travel blogger, no matter how much more effort that actually requires behind the scenes than it appears in a well-curated feed. Among the most stressful jobs of the year? Well, that's a pilot. looked at a variety of work stressors — a hazardous work environment, hard-to-meet deadlines, intense physical demands, and danger — to come up with its list of the most stressful jobs list for 2017.

No surprise according to those criteria, perhaps, that jobs like firefighter, military, and police officer made the list, given the high risks associated. 

But below military (No. 1) and firefighter (No 2) — and right above police officer (No. 4) — was airline pilot, which came in at the No. 3 spot. The median income for the job is listed at $102,520, much higher than those of the other three professions near it. But when you consider some of the other stress factors the site considered in compiling its list — travel, hazards, risk of another's life, and deadlines — it's clear why the pilot gig is no picnic.

Another travel and transportation-related job, taxi driver, also came in at No. 9 on the list, with a median income a fraction of the pilot's: just $23,510.

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