Why Are These Hotels Rewarding Couples Who Have Sex on Vacay?!

Perhaps TMI.

Get busy on vacation and get a major perk in return. That's the message 10 hotels are sending in the Italian town of Assisi, who have joined together to offer a package to reward couples who conceive babies during their stays on the properties.

According to Conde Nast Traveler, the incentive is born (ahem) of the fact that Italy has one of the lowest birth rates in the E.U. as well as in the world — so it's part of a range of ideas the country is conceiving (ahem) in order to help boost that figure.

The so-called "Fertility Room" campaign bears the slogan "Venite ad Assisi. Insieme!," which means "Come to Assisi. Together!" Guests will get their rooms reimbursed or an additional free stay if they visit one of the participating hotels before March 31, 2017 — and then later come back with a birth certificate that proves that their babies were born about nine months later, within a reasonable margin.

Fertility rooms come with candles, flowers, music, and other romantic amenities to get guests in the mood.

While Italians are overall behind the idea of boosting their country's birth rate — which comes thanks in part to an unstable economy — they're not all on board with the idea that Assisi should be a place for such a promotion. After all, it's the home of St. Francis, and is a historical and religious site.

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