Why Making Your Bridesmaids Wear Matching Dresses is a Bad Idea

Stop making everyone matchy matchy.

One style really does not fit all when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. Sure, you may have the look of your dreams picked out on Pinterest that you want your bridesmaids to run out and buy, but if, and when, you take a step back for a moment and realize what you’re asking your gal pals to do, you’ll start to see that asking them to match from head to toe on your wedding day is completely outdated and out of style.

The average bridesmaid dress, before alterations, can cost your bridesmaids around $150. But the amount of eye rolls and resentment you’re going to get from your closest friends when you ask them to wear the exact same dress on your wedding day will cost you way more than that.

The reason why this tradition was a “thing” is thanks to Ancient Roman times, when bridesmaids were asked to not only dress like each other, but also the bride. This was for the sole purpose of having them act as decoys, keeping the bride and groom safe from any demons, evil spirits, or rejected men.

Since we have more modern day practices to keep rejected ex-boyfriends away, like blocking them on social media, or getting a restraining order, the tradition of having a line of women stand beside you in the same dress, which is the same color, is way past its expiration date. 

Wondering what you should do instead so that your bridesmaids still stand out from the rest of the wedding party but don’t look like wanna-be identical twins? The solution is easy. 

Let them pick out their own dress.

1.  Give them a color scheme

Instead of giving your bridesmaids the exact dress you want them to go out and snag, tell them to find a dress that’s the color black or periwinkle, even blush. That way, they can find a dress that fits their body type best and one that they are excited to dance in for 8 hours straight.

2.  Ask them to wear the same designer

If you still want a unified look and can’t give up total control in the dress department, you can pick a dress designer and ask your bridesmaids to choose a dress from their collection. That way, they will all be slightly similar in style but also each have their own personality, like the women wearing them.

3.  Let them do their hair and makeup however they want

Instead of dictating exactly how you’d like your girl gang to do their hair and make-up, give them the option of picking out styles that make them excited. Let them be creative with their glam so that they feel like they are not losing their identity just because they said I Do to walking down the aisle for you.

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