Why Mark Zuckerberg Is Calling 2017 the "Year of Travel"

In case you didn't already make a resolution for the new year, Facebook's top dog made one for you.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg built his entire empire on the notion of community. And for his most recent act of community building, he's asked his Facebook friends — so, basically the entire world — if they wanted to join him on his goal for 2017: traveling.

He's newly created Facebook groups so people could share their travels. One group is global, and one is for the U.S.A. where he'll personally be doing most of his traveling. He's asked people to set up their own local groups as well.

He has also challenged people to go somewhere new each month, meet someone, and learn about that person's life. That's 12 new places in the year. But he explained those destinations don't have to be far: "A half-hour drive, bus, or train ride to meet people in a community you don't normally interact with counts."

So what's the larger purpose behind all of this? Zuck says, "We could all benefit from listening and learning about how more people are living, working, and thinking about the future." And that much is clearly true.

People have already started sharing their travels on the Facebook groups. Just scroll through the Year of Travel Facebook page to get a serious case of wanderlust — and get seriously inspired.

While Zuckerberg may be a polarizing figure, over here at Jet Set, setting a goal of more and better travel is always a notion we can get behind.

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