Why Was Lamar Odom Kicked Off a Flight — Twice?

Tragic events continue to unfold for Khloe Kardashian's troubled ex.

There's more sad news in the ongoing saga that is Lamar Odom's life. Khloe Kardashian's ex was reportedly kicked off a plane for intoxication... and not just once, but twice.

According to TMZ, the former athlete and reality star was removed from a Delta flight on Monday night after he drank too much in the airport lounge and threw up on the plane. This all reportedly went down at LAX, and the flight was a red-eye bound for New York.

TMZ reported that witnesses said the former athlete was pounding beers and whisky, so he was totally drunk by the boarding announcement. By that time, he headed to a seat in 4B — that's first class. But just as the plane was about to pull back, he got up and ran to the front where he got sick in the galley. He did it a second time in the bathroom with the door open. That's when passengers said the flight crew escorted Odom off the plane "gently," and a cleaning crew boarded to take care of the situation. As well, flight attendants took Odom's carry-ons off the plane.

But just a short time later, he reappeared on the aircraft and moved to take his seat again. Needless to say, the allegedly intoxicated passenger was a liability to the airline, and was removed a second time. The plane eventually took off — without him — and arrived 40 minutes late to its destination.

According to People, the Los Angeles Police Department had not received a report of the alleged incident, and reps from the airline did not offer a comment.

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