Will Goats Eat That?: An Unscientific Survey of Toilet Paper, Mushrooms, and Yoga DVDs

Man alive, science is great.

How do we say this delicately… goats are known for their love of garbage. We’re not quite sure how the trope became so entrenched in pop culture, but there’s always that everlasting image of a goat gnawing on a tin can, ready and willing to eat anything and everything.

Well, Goats of Anarchy—a non-profit organization whose sole mission is saving and rehabilitating baby goats with special needs—decided to (safely) put that theory to the test. They have teamed up with Tractor Supply Co. on a riveting (no, really!) Instagram video series called “Will Goats Eat It?” and the results are both amusing and adorable. You can watch the first three battles below:

Round 1: Toilet Paper vs. Raspberries

Round 2: Pineapple vs. Mushrooms

Round 3: Yoga DVD vs. Art Book

Conclusions? Goats are so stinkin' cute, we really don't care what they eat, as long as they stay safe, healthy, happy, and plentiful in our Instagram feeds.

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