Woman Gives Birth Mid-Flight, Passengers Are Psyched — And Delayed Just an Hour

That's practically considered on-time these days anyway.

Traditionally, low-risk pregnancies are considered full-term at about 40 weeks. So you can imagine the surprise of a new mom — and all passengers sharing a plane with her — when the woman's water broke at just 26 weeks pregnant during a commercial flight.

AL.com reports that the event happened on a Southwest plane headed for Orlando, which was scheduled to fly into Birmingham after getting to Florida, but was instead redirected to Charleston after the woman began her labor.

A passenger reported that the flight crew calmly asked for any doctors or nurses onboard the 132-person plane go to the front row. (File under: one reason of so very many you should be nice to your flight attendants. One day you might seriously need them for something, you know, important!)

A spokesperson for Southwest told AL.com that medical personnel onboard went to the front of the plane and pitched in to help deliver the baby. Afterward, the plane made an emergency landing in Charleston, where local fire and rescue took the fam to the hospital.

As evidenced by social media, passengers were psyched, cheering the family after the baby boy's first cries could be heard. 

"Flight crew did a great job," the passenger wrote in the tweet. We'll say!

And it gets better: The remaining non-new-baby-having passengers stayed the plane, which took off from Charleston about 70 minutes after landing there, according to USA Today, and then went on to Orlando. It landed there at approximately 5:30 p.m. — just about an hour late. How's that for efficiency in the modern age of flying?

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