Woman Gives The World's First Male Sex Doll A Run

He'll cost you, but he'll stick around. If that's what you're looking for. 

He costs around $5,900, but if you want a customized skin tone or a specific looking head, it’ll run you $8,000 more. But is he worth it? He’s the world’s first male sex doll you can design yourself and not worry about if he’s going to call you the next day—he’s literally not going anywhere. 

Usually built for men, advanced sex dolls have always been made to look like a curvy woman. A woman named Karley Sciortino who is a sex expert for VICE,  delves into all thing sexual for her job. So, she’s taken the world’s first male sex doll for a spin. She liked having sex with the doll and compared it to a fantasy. “It’s its own singular unique thing,” she says. 

Matt Krivicke, co-owner of the doll’s creator Sinthetics, says the guy is built for good time, not a serious relationship. (Ever see those “I Fell In Love With My Real Doll” shows?)

“I think women have been brought up to believe a thing about their sexuality that it’s not supposed to be important, that it’s only supposed to be about procreating,” he says.

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