Literal Christmas Angel Pays All Shelter Adoption Fees Through the End of the Year

She’s gonna make Santa’s SUPER DUPER INSANELY NICE list!

A Sacramento woman with a heart of gold is making Christmas wishes come true for dozens of shelter animals: She’s paying the adoption fees for every single animal at the Front Street Animal Shelter through the end of 2017.

Kim Pacini-Hauch, a real estate agent, is an avid supporter of local charities, but she says that the Front Street Animal Shelter is “near and dear to her heart.” Since offering to pay for the adoptions in mid-November, a record 520 dogs and cats have found new homes!

Even better? Her act of kindness has had a domino effect in the region: Four other shelters in the area have received similar offers from other generous souls, while a nearby car dealership owner donated $10,000 towards the cost of spray and neutering.

Kim herself is a proud adopter this holiday season, adding a Chihuahua named Mindy to her brood of rescues. Our hearts burst for such a successful adoption campaign, and many thanks to Kim and all of the forever families making this happy holiday for so many animals in need!

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