Woman Selling Wedding Dress To Pay For Divorce From Cheating Husband

"It will need a dry clean first to rid the stench of betrayal."

Why burn the dress when you can sell it?

One spurned woman is selling her wedding gown on eBay because her husband cheated on her—and she’s using the money to pay for her divorce lawyer. 

Samantha Wragg, 28, from the U.K., listed the ivory art deco dress at a starting bid of $500. She wore the gown once on her wedding day in 2014, but wants it gone since she is left with painful memories of her now ex, who cheated then left her for another woman. She purchased the size six gown for $2,000.

“Great condition but needs dry cleaning before wearing to get rid of the stench of betrayal,” she wrote of the dress.

“Mainly selling as I need to pay for my divorce which my ex-husband has left me to foot the bill for! I'll also throw in my veil (yes, that's right—I went all out princess on the day!

“Sorry that there are only two pictures but when I found out my husband was living with another woman, I pretty much burned/permanently deleted everything with his disgusting face on it. If you want a dress that is full of bad memories and shattered hopes and dreams then this is the one for you!

“Hope this dress brings you a lot more happiness than it brought me in the end and if not...well, you can always sell it on here! If you've got any questions - either about the dress or the skank that my husband ran off with - then please feel free to contact me!'

On her blog, Samantha tells her story in full, saying her husband cheated months ago, but is just selling the dress now. Her listing barely got a look until she decided to write about the cheating. 

“So here’s the background—my husband cheated on me and left me. This was way back in January but I’m only just getting round to selling my wedding dress. I had [it on eBay] for two weeks with barely any views so I decided with a little help from my brother (ok it was all his idea!) to make it funny…A lot of people have got the wrong end of the stick and think it’s really bitter but anyone who knows me knows I’ve got a great sense of humor and it’s very tongue in cheek. And to the people who have said ‘well, she won’t get any bids advertising like that’ – I don’t think you’ve quite understood…One thing all this has taught me is that people are SO NICE. I literally can’t count the amount of messages I’ve had on eBay from both men and women wishing me all the best with everything…oh, and a couple of marriage proposals. Sorry to everyone that I haven’t replied to but I just haven’t had time to—I have a full time job you know!

I wish my ex-husband all the best with everything. Yes, he made a terrible and really hurtful mistake but he’s got to live with that (and without me!) for the rest of his life. I forgive him and I’m very happy now so I hope he is too.”

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