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This Woman Threw a Rooftop Divorce Party, Invited Her Entire Wedding List

Why not have fun with the new direction her life has taken?

When Kristy, 33, from New York, finalized her divorce after a long battle with her ex-husband, she felt free and happy. So she threw a party.

The savvy salon and blow dry bar owner of PlushBlow in Westchester County, is a smart businesswoman who went through a roller coaster of emotions, and a boatload of cash, while hammering out the terms of the split, so she decided to mark the start of her new chapter with some cake, a rooftop party, and a trip to Miami.

“I invited friends over for cake on my rooftop in the city,” Kristy says. “I had to have some cake and drink some rose´. He [my ex] probably saw it.” 

Kristy had put a picture of the cake on her Instagram, captioning it, “I DO... I DID... I'm Done...Moving on doesn't mean you forgot about things. It means you accept what has happened and move on with your life. Blessed with all of my family, friends and team that surround me everyday. On to new beginnings, and excited for what's to come in the near future. #onmywayUP”

“People were saying congratulations, it’s about time,” she laughed. “The things people say to you when you’re getting a divorce are crazy. ‘You are so much better without him,’ ‘What a mistake,’ I never knew people didn’t like him, I liked him obviously. I don’t want to say terrible things, I’m feeling better, although I have my days.”

The two were married for nearly five years, and were together for a total of 14 years. Kristy says she’s not broken over the experience and that she’s thrown herself into the dating pool again. 

“I miss the routine, I’m all for marriage,” Kristy adds. “It’s stability in a sense, and I like structure. It’s a good feeling knowing you go home and someone is there. It’s why I moved to the city, to get back out there. Now I’m learning to be alone. For me to be on my own is good.”

And the cake was just the start. Kristy has planned another, bigger bash for the first week in June at Fortina in Stamford, CT., where she’s invitied everyone who attended the wedding to come celebrate the divorce. They’ll be treated to food and drinks and more cake. 

“I’m going to have all my staff and family,” she says.

The new divorceé believes it’s also time to show off her bikini bod, and plans to fly down to Miami to celebrate her split with some ocean air.

“I’m going this weekend, because I need to,” she laughs. 

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