Women Are Paying Upwards Of $150,000 To Make Their Husbands' Mistresses "Disappear"

No, no one has to hide the body. They are just distracting them with richer men.

Wives who are being cheated on in China are turning to a new business where they pay big money to drive a wedge between their husbands and their mistresses.

They are paying upwards of $150,000 for “marriage consultants” who will separate the two with unusual tactics, all because the wife doesn’t want to get a divorce. 

That’s where Zhu Lifei comes in handy—the 30-year-old entrepreneur started the Changzhou Sincere Heart Marriage and Family Consulting company to make mistresses “disappear,” reports the L.A. Times. He has 23 employees on staff whose specialty is sabotaging affairs by steering lovers away from cheating spouses. Look over here, shiny object!

First they determine if the mistress is in it for love, sex, or money, then go after her with bait. 

In one case, Zhi’s team covered the wife with chicken blood and faked a car crash for her to get sympathy from her husband. Often, his team finds a richer man to pull her away from the husband. They entice them away with luxury wines, and sometimes rent apartments down the hall from the mistresses to determine what they want. 

Meanwhile, a team of stylists are hired to give the spurned wife an upgrade. 

They often succeed in breaking up the affair and the wife hands over a fat check. 

Divorce in China carries a huge social stigma and is very expensive for the women, since real estate and family bank accounts in China tend to be registered in the husband’s name. 

Often, divorced women in the country can end up left with nothing and living on the street, so they will go to great lengths to save the marriage. 

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