Move Over Beyoncé: Otter Gives Birth to Four Adorable, Teeny-Tiny Puppers

How are these babies not breaking the internet?!

The other day, Beyoncé announced that she was having twins and the collective internet lost its mind declaring they would be the two cutest babies on planet earth.

Well, it looks like the Bey Hive has been outdone by the Otter Den because a mama otter just gave birth to not just two, but the FOUR cutest babies on planet earth.

Mom Teratai and dad Guntur of the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington, just welcomed their third litter of Asian otter pups. As the smallest of all otter species, newborns weigh about the same as a golf ball, and will grow to the size of Beanie Babies (Woodland Park Zoo’s metric) by seven weeks old.

The babies are currently hanging out in a private den with mom, dad, and sisters, and they’ll soon learn how to swim and dive in a small zoo-provided tub. Once the babies master the water and the outdoors, they’ll be introduced to zoo visitors, and we can all head to Seattle to cry our eyes out from cuteness.

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