World Series Cat Adorably Plays Defense for the Cleveland Indians

Sorry, kitty, it was the Cubs’ year.

Pretty much every red-blooded American with a pulse tuned in for Game 7 of the Cubs-Indans World Series last night. But it wasn’t just us humans watching with bated breath.

On Twitter, @amandamichl posted a video of her cat Kira aggressively trying to catch Javier Baez’s home run in the fifth. The cat—clearly an Indians fan—probably would have caught it too, if it hadn’t been for that lousy TV screen.

As the video quickly went viral, Amanda made a few jokes (“Can Kira and I go on Ellen?”) but she also took the opportunity to mention Kira’s rescue:

Kudos to Kira for her would-be first baseman skills, and cheers to Michelle for using her cat’s viral video to promote a good cause.

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