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World's Most Identical Twins Share a Boyfriend and Plan To Get Pregnant Together

The sisters dress alike and even share a bed. 

The “world's most identical twins” Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 30, sleep in the same bed and share a boyfriend. 

They were born just a minute apart and never leave each other’s side. Now they have plans to marry their mechanic boyfriend of four years, Ben Byrne, and get pregnant at the exact same time. 

“Maybe Ben can marry the both of us,” they said. “But if she got pregnant I would need to get pregnant because we want to experience it together. And for people who don't understand that well that's your opinion. We are inseparable... I feel I don't exist if my sister isn't around. This is our life and we're happy doing it, so yeah.”

The duo, from Perth, Australia, have taken to their popular YouTube channel to reveal their plans and talk about their identical plastic surgery. 

“The only thing we've got done is our boobs,' they said. (They usually speak in unison.)

They do the exact same amount of exercise every day in order to stay the same size as each other, and they buy the exact same clothes and dress the same every day. 

“We love taking photos, we love fashion and we love getting our skin done,” they said. “We love to get a new dress every week, we need to, it's fashion galore. If she does a squat then I need to do a squat and if she walks 10 metres then I have to as well. We need to burn the same calories.”

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