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Would You Date Someone Who Lives At Home With Their Parents?

More people live at home now more than any other time since 1940.

Not all moms give their kids the boot like Kris Jenner. 

More young adults in the U.S. are living with their parents than at any time since around 1940-and they have no problem with it.

According to a recent Pew Research Center analysis of where young adults are living, researchers found that more young adults are shacking up with their parents, either moving back after graduating college or *gasp* never leaving in the first place. 

But living at home isn’t always a sign of a bong smoking, video game playing, unemployed slacker. These days, many people remain in the nest because they're working full time until they’ve saved up enough money for a down payment on their own home. Let’s just hope mommy’s not packing lunch.

With so many people living at home, it can factor into your dating life. So, Personal Space asked readers if they would date a guy or girl who is living at home with their parents. 

Here is what they had to say:

Comedian Ray Ellin says he would date a girl who lived at home, unless he found out “she’s in high school.” “Then she needs a note,” he joked. 

Brooklyn based photographer Pearl Gabel says if living at home is the “only red flag” then it’s a resounding yes. 

Karen Mattis Mier says “No. Zero point zero,” while Sandra Demasi says it’s ok if the guy is living with his parents to help them. “Maybe one is sick, maybe he’s helping them financially, [then] yes. Definitely depends on the circumstance,” she says. “But if he's living in their basement, playing Xbox in his Superman Underoos, then no.”

Los Angeles based author Dibs Baer says her girlfriend does live at home and she’s perfectly fine with it, while Ashley Antar says she wouldn’t have dated a guy who lives at home “unless his parents lived in Buckingham Palace.”

Married couple Dave Graz and his wife Laura both lived at home in New York until they got married—and it paid off. “That's how I had a down payment for our apartment,” Dave says. 

Kaitlin, a Brooklyn based millennial, who did not return after college, says it’s hard to find others her same age who haven’t gone back to their parents house. “It’s practically unavoidable for millennials, seeing as there's a ridiculous stat about how many still live at home,” she says. If a guy has a good job, a good reason for still being home, and will still go out on dates in the city, then yes I would.”

Mom of two interior designer Emily Wallach says she would not date a guy whose parents were his roommates unless “I needed a kidney and he was a match.”

Lastly, Jennifer Blum asks how old the person who lives at home is. 

“Age is important in this answer, ruling out of course if the the parent is unfortunately sick,” she says. “I need to date a man, not a boy. I don't want to wake up and be greeted by parents asking what I want for breakfast. Seeing his parents should be for dinner or a holiday. A.guy living at home just shows dependency. I want to date a man that is strong on his own, that I don't have to take care of, nor do his parents, that's when love grows. It’s a real turnoff if a guy says ‘don't worry about dinner, we can just raid my parents fridge.’”

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