Now You Can Eat Lady Gaga's Famous Meat Dress at a Restaurant

The notorious look worn by the Mother Monster is now a hot-pot menu item.

Lady Gaga's infamous VMAs meat dress is now a dish you can order at your local hot pot restaurant. Well, local if you happen to live nearby; otherwise, fire up those frequent-flyer miles. According to the New York Daily News, a replica of the famed 2010 design is being served up at a restaurant in Beijing, and the concept is as crazy-genius (or just crazy) as the dress itself.

The restaurant cooks up your dinner from slices of beef that mimic the Franc Fernandez design worn at the show six years ago. The slices are then draped on a Barbie doll (what would Gaga think of that?) and then peeled off before being placed in hot oil. Er, tasty.

At least it looks pretty accurate.

Gaga at the 2010 VMAs.

There's a catch, however. Despite all the media attention (Time and Elle have also covered it) for the unusual menu item, the name of the restaurant that's serving it remains a mystery. Happy hunting!

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