Hey, Audrey Hepburn Wannabes: You Can Now Literally Eat Breakfast at Tiffany's Like the Icon You Know You Are

This makes a pretty good theme for your next girls' trip.

You know who you are, and your moment has arrived: Now you can follow in Audrey Heburn’s ever-so-glamorous footsteps because Tiffany & Co. has just reopened the revamped fourth floor within its flagship Fifth Avenue location in New York, which includes a home and accessories collection (meh) and also the Tiffany Blue Box Café (ding ding ding!). So you can legit have breakfast at Tiffany’s…

...or make it lunch if you roll out of bed too late at noon and pop on your big, dark, Audrey-esque sunnies. Afternoon tea is also a civilized option that might be right up your alley.

The breakfast menu is a flat $29 — a reasonably cheap thrill, as they go, according to Conde Nast Traveler. It includes options like truffled eggs, smoked salmon bagel, and, for a throughly modern twist, avocado toast. 

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