You’d Never Date A Male Model? Here’s The Reason You Should

Just don't order anything with carbs. 

You see them on billboards, in magazine spreads and on their Instagram feeds, usually in nothing but their skivvies. We’re talking male models. They’re gorgeous specimens with ideal bodies – what dreams are made of. But you wouldn’t want to date one, would you? That’s what Nadine thought – until she actually found herself being courted by one.

They met at a work event. He had been hired as a model cater waiter. “He was pouring me glass after glass of wine, and I finally had to tell him to stop because I was getting tipsy,” Nadine, a 28-year-old associate editor from New York City, shares. “That’s when he said, if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have a reason to come over and speak with me.”

Nadine wrote off his compliment as part of the job requirement, even when they exchanged Facebook information. So when a direct message popped up after the party saying how stunning she looked and could they meet up, she was surprised - and then panic set in. Why would this beautiful guy be interested in her? And more importantly, what would Nadine, who describes herself as a “stacked petite,” be able to offer a man that looked like he did?

Fears aside, she took him up on his offer. They went to dinner, chatted over pasta and then returned to her place. He told her that she had won the genetic lottery with her figure. Nadine laughed, stating he must be talking about the extra 10 pounds she was lugging around. He responded by pulling up his shirt to reveal cut abs, “Seriously, do you think I would want to date someone who looks like this?” 

“That’s exactly how I would look at it, “ declares elite matchmaker Sameera Sullivan of Lasting Connections, who is married to a fitness model. “I’ve been around a lot of male models, and a lot of them tell me the same thing: they want a woman with a body, they appreciate femininity and curves. That’s boobs and butt, ladies.” 

Sameera also points out that despite their looks, male models are still mere mortals. Something Nadine found out moments later.

“We were getting flirty when he put his hand on his stomach and asked if he could use my bathroom,” she said. Turned out the man with the perfect physique had eaten a meal that didn’t agree with him. And he spent the next hour in her loo.

“They are just human, made three to six inches taller than the rest of us,” Sameera laughs.

Her advice? “Act like yourself and don’t put them on a pedestal - remember Amal got George Clooney because she didn’t idolize him. Being a woman who is confident, no matter what your size, is what’s most appealing.”

And yes, Nadine and her male model are still happily together (just without the pasta dinners).

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