YouTube's Most Unlikely New Food Celebrities

Their latest episode is making us wonder if we'll ever be able to enjoy tofu again.

There's no shortage of YouTube taste-test videos out there, but the newest series is gaining some serious traction. In Cholos Try, the culinary panelists identify as part of a subculture not typically associated with fine dining. Former pro skateboarder Fabian Alomar joins newly minted ex-con entertainers Mario “Scar” Ponce, Carlos Ayala and Omar “Tokes” Camacho to sample a variety of foods and drinks they’ve never tried before, including caviar, sushi and kombucha. In their latest video, they take aim at tofu. We won't spoil the rest; suffice it to say "meat flan."

Watch a few of the videos, and you’ll start getting to know the guys and their respective palates: Scar, for instance, tends to love everything he puts in his mouth, while Fabien doesn’t seem to enjoy much at all, basically side-eyeing all foods before taking a tentative bite.

After a couple of months spent mostly noshing and gaining a steady stream of new fans, the Cholos Try troupe is starting to venture beyond the plate too, as in a recent video where they take on ice-skating. A golf episode is supposed to be in the works for February.


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