Zac Posen Designs Flight Attendant Uniforms, Injects Teeny Bit of Glamour Into Sad Current Reality of Flying

Think "Passport Plum" v-neck dresses and "Groundspeed Graphite" three-piece suits.

When you board a flight these days — and let's just say you're in coach — you're reminded right off the bat, usually over and over again, that the golden age of glamorous commercial air travel is totally, woefully over. Or is it?

Delta just announced that New York fashion designer Zac Posen has created a uniform collection for the airline. And it's pretty darn glam indeed.

It will be worn by more than 60,000 of the airline’s employees including all the customer-facing folks like customer service agents and flight attendants.

The airline says the "contemporary line fuses together bold color palettes and classic styles, while paying homage to the heritage and iconic design from decades past." So think of those mad stylish 1970s Pan Am flight attendants and go to that posh place in your mind's eye. That's, presumably, the vibe Delta was trying to bring back and update.

The uniforms are meant to be functional for long hauls, but they're pretty elegant too. “We wanted Delta employees to look glamorous on the job without sacrificing functionality and style,” Posen said in a statement. “I worked alongside employees to understand how they interact with the clothes they wear and developed a look that empowers and excites."

Flight attendants' new duds include a v-neck dress — done in "Passport Plum" — a peplum sweater, wrap dress, ottoman skirt suit, and swing jacket. For men, there's a "Groundspeed Graphite" three-piece suit, plus a plum crew neck sweater. Other cheeky-named colors in the collection include "Skyline Slate," "Cruising Cardinal," and "Traveling Thistle."

Tres chic! Now about those tragic peanut packs...

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