Zoila Chavez

Make no mistake, there's only one H-B-I-C at JLD, and it's Zoila.

on Sep 15, 20100

When we got back from New York, I thought that Sarah did a good job.  Jeffrey still had clients, the house was still standing, and the animals were still alive.  She was thinking she was the H-B-I-C.  But there's only room for one H-B-I-C in this house. Sorry Sarah.

Jeffrey is very stressed.  I thinking its because he's working too much.  Most of the time he's still working on the weekend, and it's not good.  Sometimes I think he's going to have an explosion.  It's stressful always working, working, working.  I have been thinking that he needs a vacation, maybe to Hawaii.  For one month?  And me too.

I watched Barb talking to Monkey on the phone.  She's a very sweet, nice lady.  When I heard her talking about Pitbulls, I was thinking, "That's nice."  But then I saw that the pitbulls were toys, like a stuffed animal. She needs real animals to make her more happy. Like maybe Monkey and Chris?  That's what she needs.


Anita cook
Anita cook

Zoila you rock... If Jeff fired you or you quit... I would not watch his show... Love ya!!! I really love that mouth... you remind me of meeeee!!! Rock on!!