Blood Sweat and Questions: Catching Up With the Cast

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Blood Sweat and Questions: Catching Up With the Cast

The ladies share how the felt before and after the boat ride, what to expect at the Reunion and what they are still smarting about from this season. What’s been the most shocking to see this Season? Did anything really surprise you?
Melyssa Ford: The Hamptons trip was shocking and quite disturbing to watch. Daisy and I were not there and, even though it had been described to us, watching it was a whole different story.

Daisy Lewellyn: I have a fun surprise and Mica has a super surprise. Hers has to do with breakfast and mine with beauty. But the lack of compassion and blatant disrespect from the women had me floored. Some of my behavior also shocked me. Who knew I could yell like that? Yikes. Yikes. Yikes. I feel like I left with a fat black eye. It was quite intense and really uncomfortable.

Mica Hughes: Shocking was the Hamptons scene. It’s weird to watch yourself go through an emotional experience like that.

Geneva S. Thomas: Probably how some folks played victim, and rocked it in style like it was somehow the "New Black." Grown ass women completely avoiding responsibility for their actions? Sad story!

Brie Bythewood: I was shocked by so many moments this season, but the most shocking thing for me to witness was Mica's behavior and the many lies she told to deceive Melyssa and Daisy for pity's sake. I was surprised by the ultimate divide between the six of us. I never would have guessed that we would have split into two competing groups. What was your favorite moment to see on screen this season?
Melyssa Ford: My favorite moment was when I brought Demetria to meet with my kids at the book club I started. We hadn't gotten to hang together much and we are truly friends who like each others' company. I thought the kids would really benefit from meeting her, which they did. I wish the scene had been longer because we talked about so much -- and those kids are BRILLIANT!

Daisy Lewellyn: The moments with my dad were really special. Even though I'm a career girl all day and night, I was born a daddy's girl. I also really loved my moment with Mica and Melyssa at my house. Even though we received the unfortunate news about Mica's dad, we started with our usual good time filled with jokes, fashion, and of course -- vino. It's wonderful when you can laugh, cry, and pray with your girls.

Mica Hughes: My favorite moment to watch was the Uptown party. It really made me laugh. Melyssa and I tipsy were so funny to watch. I think everyone wonders what one of those nights really looks like. You are only told the next day.

Geneva S. Thomas: Hands down my date with Mr. Sexy Expresso! Honey, my kegel balls are still rolling! Ow!

Brie Bythewood: I loved seeing two of my charity events highlighted. Philanthropy is such a large part of who I am so being able to share it with my castmates and the audience was very satisfying and one of my favorite moments of the season. How did you feel going to the boat party? Did you think this would really provide resolution for the group?
Melyssa Ford: I was anxious about going on the boat but I knew that certain members of the group were going to try to resolve the issues. Others, I'm convinced, enjoy the drama.

Daisy Lewellyn: I was really nervous. My gifts were really just a way to break the tension between us all. Some tension was higher than others, but we all had our fair share. I was pretty shocked when I received the invitation, but a great guest never shows up empty handed. So my EffortlessChic boxes were a way for me to show the girls that I paid attention to each of them and cared about them all. Everyone got Positive Energy Tea. I'm actually thinking we should have all had a couple cups on our way to the boat. And then each girl got customized items and pieces that suit their personality. Brie got cute workout socks and a doggy toy since she loves Spin and got a puppy. Demetria got printed bangles from South Africa. And so on.

I thought the boat ride would be a way to have an open dialogue. Unfortunately I was rudely shut down 90 percent of the time, which was hurtful. Since when is one person’s opinion more valid than the others? So I went with hope, but left hurt.

Mica Hughes: I wasn't sure what to expect going to the boat party. I went in good faith.

Geneva S. Thomas: I was absolutely against getting on a boat with those crazy broads! LOL! But ultimately I decided to go because I'm believe in sisterhood and reconciliation. In my heart, I really want us to resolve our issues.

Brie Bythewood: Despite our differences, I honestly believed that we would find a way to come to some friendly resolve. I expected differences of opinion, but I approached the boat with a hopeful outlook. How did you feel after the boat ride? Were you shocked that even on the open seas you couldn't all manage to come together?
Melyssa Ford: I felt terrible after the boat ride; I literally went into therapy after the show to resolve a lot of my feelings. I'd spent practically the whole season sympathizing with Mica and the loss of her father (since I lost mine and I knew what that loss feels like personally), but she didn't feel that Daisy and I were supportive enough on that boat ride, which was quite disappointing.

Daisy Lewellyn: I was not shocked, but I was disappointed. I felt bad for my girl Mica. I was shocked that Melyssa was super silent. And my feelings were really hurt. I've never had someone speak to me the way Geneva spoke to me. My mother doesn't even shush me or tell me to shut up. My friends or family don't swear at me. It's just unfortunate and disappointing that Geneva felt comfortable speaking to me in that manner. I don't like to hurt others, and try my best to use words that would don’t offend.

Mica Hughes: Anyone who knows me knows I don't come bringing any drama. I love to laugh and enjoy life. Too much energy to be negative.

Geneva S. Thomas: Shocked? Nah. Over it? Hell yes!

Brie Bythewood: I felt as though I'd resolved my issues with everybody by the time the boat ride had ended. I was particularly pleased that at least five of us were like-minded and sensible and managed to come together. What did you most hope would happen at the Reunion?
Melyssa Ford: I had zero expectations going into the reunion. Everyone is pretty set in their ways as to how they communicate.

Daisy Lewellyn: I wished we could have focused more on positive aspects of us all -- my book, Mica’s modeling business, Melyssa’s new real estate sales, Geneva’s new company, and more. There is so much to focus on that can enhance the world, instead of fighting over labels and mean names. Name calling isn’t healthy, and it hurts. It hurts bad. More apologies and less attitude would have been a lot better. Like Cameron Diaz said "Gratitude is the only attitude." I'm thankful it's over.

Mica Hughes: I hoped there would be a turn of a new leaf.

Geneva S. Thomas: I was hoping the older lady of our group would accept some responsibility and would set an example for the rest of us -- seeing as how she's pushing 50. But that was just a little too much to ask for.

Brie Bythewood: After all the time that passed, I had no expectation leading up to the reunion. I assumed we'd all gotten over the summer's drama. What we can expect of the Reunion in one hashtag?
Melyssa Ford: The Reunion in one hashtag? #blankstare

Daisy Lewellyn: #BloodyMurder #FlawlessMeetsSpeechless, #Tear, #BlackEyeBeauties, #Beauty&aBacon

Mica Hughes: #InsanityWithASideOfTurkeyBaconScrambledEggs

Geneva S. Thomas: #LOUDDenial #DrapesIsTheNewShade #DryTearsIstheNewBlack #NewWigSameProblems HAHA!!!

Brie Bythewood: #SmearedLineInTheSand

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Tweet Recap: Demetria’s Dinner Party Drama

Find out what you missed on Twitter while the ladies from #BloodSweatHeels were sipping on truth serum.

The ladies of Blood Sweat and Heels did not disappoint with their second installment last night. From chinchillas drinking wine to sex therapist-mamas, we seriously can’t get enough of these NYC ladies who Brooklyn brunch. 

Melyssa Ford had to put her foot down after boss told her it's flats only for real estate:

Really, Jen. Anything but the heels! 

Daisy Lewellyn tweeted about one of the roughest dates we’ve ever seen:

This might have been the date from hell Daisy, but it wasn’t the worst dinner of the night. Yes, we’re talking about the extra spicy dinner party where truth serum drinks had the ladies getting, well, truthful. 

But first let's discuss Mica Hughes and her fabulous fan. In her own words:

Oh Mica, please continue to do so. We live for you in glam mode.

Keeping with the honesty theme, Demetria Lucas took to Twitter about the dinner retweeting:

And sent out this shade in direct reference to Miss Daisy’s comments:

Brie Bythewood not only surprised everyone at the table, but in the Twitterverse by being one of the only women to stand by Demetria’s side. Looks like that lunch really brought these two closer together:

Meanwhile, Daisy reminded everyone what a blast friendship bracelets were:

Nice try, Daisy. We see you side stepping the drama. But from Demetria's tweets it sounds like you're gonna have to talk about more than just friendship bracelets at the next dinner party.

We’re not sure whose side of blog-gate we’re on but one thing is for sure, Sallie Mae has no 'Blood Sweat and Heels' fans as Geneva S. Thomas pointed out in her tweets:

For once our Bravolebs are throwing shade at someone other than each other.

Tell us in the comments: Did the ladies attack Demetria at the table, or were they just raising their concerns about being misrepresented in her blog?

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