Burning Questions

The ladies share how the felt before and after the boat ride, what to expect at the Reunion and what they are still smarting about from this season.

Mar 13

Bravotv.com: How did you feel going to the boat party? Did you think this would really provide resolution for the group?
Melyssa Ford: I was anxious about going on the boat but I knew that certain members of the group were going to try to resolve the issues. Others, I'm convinced, enjoy the drama.

Daisy Lewellyn: I was really nervous. My gifts were really just a way to break the tension between us all. Some tension was higher than others, but we all had our fair share. I was pretty shocked when I received the invitation, but a great guest never shows up empty handed. So my EffortlessChic boxes were a way for me to show the girls that I paid attention to each of them and cared about them all. Everyone got Positive Energy Tea. I'm actually thinking we should have all had a couple cups on our way to the boat. And then each girl got customized items and pieces that suit their personality. Brie got cute workout socks and a doggy toy since she loves Spin and got a puppy. Demetria got printed bangles from South Africa. And so on.

I thought the boat ride would be a way to have an open dialogue. Unfortunately I was rudely shut down 90 percent of the time, which was hurtful. Since when is one person’s opinion more valid than the others? So I went with hope, but left hurt.

Mica Hughes: I wasn't sure what to expect going to the boat party. I went in good faith.

Geneva S. Thomas: I was absolutely against getting on a boat with those crazy broads! LOL! But ultimately I decided to go because I'm believe in sisterhood and reconciliation. In my heart, I really want us to resolve our issues.

Brie Bythewood: Despite our differences, I honestly believed that we would find a way to come to some friendly resolve. I expected differences of opinion, but I approached the boat with a hopeful outlook.