Shep Rose Explains What Happened with the Ex-Girlfriend Who Inspired His "RelationShep" Nickname

The RelationShep bachelor offers some insight into his former relationship.

Shep Rose is looking for love — and he's traveling around the U.S. to see if he can find the one. The Southern Charm pal embarked on his journey to find true love on RelationShep, which premieres on Monday. And while Shep may be single and looking to mingle on the series, there was a time when he found a special lady with whom to spend his free time.

He hinted at this relationship in his bio, writing, "Shep Rose was bestowed the nickname 'RelationShep' in the year 2003 A.D., for he was ensnared in a whirlwind romance that dramatically changed his priorities and behavioral tendencies. Although not fully domesticated, Mr. Rose for once, cared about someone other than himself. But alas, nothing lasts forever. Like a phoenix from the ashes, he returned to his usual tomfoolery, debauchery, and patently asinine comradery."

That explanation only offered a small glimpse of who that gal was and how she affected Shep's life. Wondering more about their romance? He dished all about her to The Daily Dish in the video above — and he also offered up an update on what her life looks like now.

And you can take Shep's journey to happily ever after every Monday at 10/9c. Check out what's to come, below.

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Shep Rose is looking for the one thing he can't seem to find...a relationship.
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