Untying The Knot!

Esteemed divorce mediator Vikki Ziegler is ready to help you DIVORCE WITH DIGNITY and divide your assets equitably.

Engel Entertainment is currently searching for couples on the verge of separation or divorce for a new season of Untying The Knot!

When it’s time to go from "I do" to "I don't" celebrity divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler is the person high-profile couples call to divide their assets out of court.

Each episode of Untying The Knot features a different couple struggling to divvy up their belongings that range from dazzling diamonds to the family pet.

Expert appraisers Michael and Mark Millea evaluate the items in question so that you can determine a fair division of assets while taking Vikki’s advice into consideration.

There’s no reason your divorce should take over your life.

Why spend thousands in legal fees and draw out a potentially unpleasant process that may SPIRAL OUT OF CONTROL when Vikki Ziegler may be able to help you "CONSCIOUSLY UNCOUPLE" and expertly advise you on your decision on how to divide your assets. All this in just a few days of focused, moderated negotiating.

Hi-profile, celebrity mediator Vikki Ziegler's track record of helping high net worth couples make their separation process fair, quick and as painless as possible means that her services are in great demand. Like a good table at a fabled restaurant, the wait list for her services is a mile long and only available to a select few.

This is your exclusive opportunity to get access to Vikki and her team!

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