Episode 1:'s Associate Editor laments that lack of live animals at parties today.

Dec 2, 2011

I Heart Artie. . .and Really I Mean Everyone
The Co. itself is filled with the splendid sort of folks you can't help but love. I find myself incredible entranced by Ché Gravy, to start. He's just like a giant teddy bear of a sauce maker. He loves uptown girls and downtown chicks equally. He's going to be a dad. He rapped with Roblé.

Of course I love Jasmine's spunky personality. I think she's going to give Mr. Ali a bit more guff than he bargained for. Same for Kiku, any chick that rocks a pink hoop and a different earring while baking is A-OK in my book. Then there's obviously Shawn, who is going to out out fierce everybody on the planet. I'd love it if there could be some scenario where he and Miss J have to have some of catwalk-off. I will admit that D'Andre's hatred of cheese made me a little confused (how can that even be possible?!?), but I'm sure he's great. And of course, sweet, sweet Adam. Why did he tell that girl it was better than kissing a fish head? Why are you kissing a fish heads? Is that how lonely you are? Because I know plenty of ladies who could remedy that problem for you (beardy nerds are so now).

But here's how Artie climbed to the top spot in my heart -- he's a mooch. Sure, he's good at his job, but he's also really, really good at eating well. I too would be in the kitchen trying to sneak eats. Did anyone else notice him eating cake by himself in the corner in the middle of the Roblé/Jasmine bust up. It's always best in the midst of a major argument to just hide and eat cake. Stay out of it. Keep calm and eat cake, Artie.