Episode 1:'s Associate Editor laments that lack of live animals at parties today.

Dec 2, 2011

There's No Crying in Catering
Let’s talk about cake incident. You can't blame Jasmine for trying to pull together a cake together for the client. Girl was deluged with ridiculous requests for monkeys and whatnot and this seemed like an easy enough thing to whip together than having the Central Park Zoo delivered. Of course, it was a crazy last minute request, but that's kind of how the business is going to be. She probably should have consulted Roblé, because she probably should start thinking of him as her boss. But maybe Roblé could have been a little nicer, particularly when she came in to try to get the cake for the singing. . . yipes! Someone did need to take her outside and give her a hug, but that's the sort of statement that's best said in a whisper. He should have knocked the cake out of Artie's hand and had him handle it.

In the end Kerry just threw the cake everywhere so it was really all for naught. And the monkey did make it. (He looked just like Marcel from Friends. Cosmo, his name, might even be related to Marcel from Friends. I'm not sure how long monkeys live or how professional monkeys get discovered. Is it a family business?) But here's hoping  Roblé and Jas can let cooler heads prevail next time, or there are going to be a lot of tear-stained cakes in their future.

Next week's episode is super epic -- Kandi Burruss and Matisyahu. I know, how did we already get so lucky?

But what are your thoughts on the first episode? Leave your musings in the comments.