Episode 2:'s Associate Editor ponders what's more fun, sorbet or sex toys?

Dec 9, 2011

Welcome back foodie fans.

This week Roblé dazzled us with not one but two amazing guests -- The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss and Hassidic rapper Matisyahu. As someone who probably listened to "King Without a Crown" roughly 200 times during college, I was pretty excited about the second, particularly since I was super curious to see how Bleezie handled the myriad restrictions the 'Ya (is that his nickname, or would it just be Mat?) had. Also, how can you not be excited about a Kandi sex toy party? Let's recap.

Fun with Sorbet
So Roblé meets with Matisyahu and perhaps fibs a bit about his mastery of kosher food. Couple that with Ya's mother-in-law's numerous requests, and this party is going to be a doozie. A rabbi will be on hand at all times, as though this is a brisk (or some other religious event) to ensure the food's kosher (and also vegan, but that's just Matisyahu's choice). And Matisyahu has never had a party before, so don't ruin his first time at bat Bleezie. (That fact made me super sad. Have parties people! Parties are the best!) Don't fret, "We can have fun with sorbet." Can we Matisyahu? Can we?

And so the Rabbi-fication of Roblé’s meal begins. Roblé mentions that the load in to the kitchen is tougher than customs, and I agree with him and Adam. It was one body scan away from a trip to Paris via JFK. He can't even turn on the fire as a man not of the cloth! The mint must be watched individually. Then the kosher rental company's plates aren't exactly kosher -- as their coverd in hair. I had a major chuckle over the castara about "human DNA on all these plates," since obviously if tiny mint bugs aren't kosher these plates are not even close to cutting it.

But, after some plastic plates saved the day, the party was on point. I'm doing to have dreams about that mushroom salad for weeks. A kosher wine fight even erupts (for his first party this got cray pretty quick). They even pick Jasmine up in the chair. Good times!