Episode 2:'s Associate Editor ponders what's more fun, sorbet or sex toys?

Dec 9, 2011

A Fluster Cluck
Anyway, the Co. gets underway planning Kandi's party (even if Adam is more familiar with Fender guitars, classic rock, and aquariums). Adam apparently has a soul food background (obviously he's so soulful in his little shorts and flops), so he can prepares to make the collard greens of his life. I already trust him because he brought Roblé and Kiku to Gorilla Coffee, which is right near my apartment and delicious. If you're in the 'hood try the maple latte. However, be warned that the coffee smell in that place is intense. I've ruined many a bottle of water going in there and finding it has a strong odor of caffeine after leaving.

The food at this shindig looked particuarly ridiculous. Maybe it was because I'm Southern, or maybe it is just because I'm a meat eater with eyes, but I don't think I've wanted to eat something as badly as I've wanted to eat that duck mac and cheese in a long time. Then Roblé had some sexy peach push pops that were the perfect accompaniment to a burlesque dancer, even if Kandi hated it. . .

Yeah she didn't exactly love that burlesque dancer. As Shawn remarked, "this was on unhappy Housewife." You can't blame Jazz for wanting to find the a performance that "empowered woman" but that's not exactly Kandi's scene. Next time find a man that doesn't just "flap his ding-dong around" and maybe you'll please your client a little more. Jazz should have read the reservations in Kandi's face initially and held off, but hey you live and learn.

But the rest of the party was perfect -– especially since the waiters took their shirts off -- and since Adam's collards were worthy of Kandi's props. Yes, after letting "Situation Marination" do its thing, Adam's collards were a success. Adam was blushing a little bit. It just proves that those nerds can come out from behind the aquarium and learn something at any time.

Monday (yes, Monday, December 12) is another new episode with none other than Vanessa Williams! We decided not to make you wait, because we care!