Episode 4:'s Associate Editor ponders what exactly is best to feed a miniature foodie

Dec 16, 2011

Who doesn't love kids? They're cute. They love playing. They have highly specific food desires.

Yup Roblé had a very young Ruth Reichel on his hands. This kid has some thoughts on green peas and edamame. I too didn't have some of these more exotic dishes until I was a bit holder, however I didn't eat Pop Tarts until I was like 10 either (that is just as equal of a mistake in my book).  So let's see how Mr. Ali handled this and his attempt to combine Bollywood and Hollywood (while sadly, ignoring Dollywood).

B.O.D.: B---h on Duty
Not only was the tot a tough client, Roblé was dealing with his mother, and her designated bad cop, Tamara. I have to give her some mondo credit for stepping into her role with gusto. I do have to wonder what the story was pre-meet and greet with Roblé. Was Oliver's mom like, "Oh hai, would you be interested in being my muscle for this party? I would rather focus on the fun this week?" Or do you have to draft up a formal paper requesting someone's work as a B.O.D.

And she did her job like a champ, ensuring that everything was up to snuff. Thankfully the entertainment delighted (though I did love me some Magic Al and the idea of a lady tap dancing on the beach, how would that even work!?) and even if some of the food was late coming out, Roblé dazzled. . . minus the fortune cookie situation.