Episode 4:'s Associate Editor ponders what exactly is best to feed a miniature foodie

Dec 16, 2011

How the Fortune Cookie Crumbled
We learn a lot about Adam this week. We learn, that when he swims in the ocean he looks like Jesus. We learn he's a bit of ladies' man, and we learn most of all that he is perhaps a little too subversive for children's comedy.

Yes, his booger fortunes didn't go over too well. Unfortunately, kids don't really "get" subtle comedy, like "Insert Fortune Here.” I personally would have been delighted to get a cooties-related fortune from Mr. Banks. (There's his ladies' man status flaring up again.) Plus, good on him for trying to explain to the world that the nutritional value of boogers is surprisingly low. Those kids can't grow up thinking sushi and boogers are enough to live on.

In the end the rest of the children's festivus was enough to pull Roblé out of the dog house. The kids seemed to like most of the food, except the fruit sushi which Oliver declared "pedestrian and overdone" (just kidding! He just yelled "No!" and ran away).